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Profile Strips

Below are the available sizes and types for both Stainless Steel & Brass Profile Strips: Stainless Steel...

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Color Plus Tubes

Multipurpose coloring pastes to color polyester resin based glues and fillers straw color. The coloring pastes...

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NO RUST 2000

Surface processing NO RUST 2000 NO RUST 2000 is an acid mix suitable for removing rust stains from granite,...

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Hand Diamond Polishing Pad

German Standard Hand Diamond Polishing/Sanding Pads manufactured in Korea, these pads are used to perform on-site...

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SuperShine & SpongeLux

KLINDEX NEW and revolutionary diamond discs to restore the gloss on marble floors and terrazzo. Used regularly,...

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Levighetor 650

Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1500. Patented Mono-rotating planetary. LEVIGHETOR 650 is the...

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Wet Look

Italian Sealer color enhancer, does not affect the brightness, suitable for treating marble, granite, stone,...

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Velcro Polishing Disc (SAIT)

Abrasive paper discs with Velcro in silicon carbide, available from grit P-40 to grit P-1200, in diameters...

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Wet/Dry Vacuum (Inox) Klindex

The JUNIOR INOX series has been designed with the most advanced technology and build with: • Independent self...

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Wet/Dry Vacuum (Plast) Klindex

Sober Design, elegant colors, plastic acid resistant tank, strong handle and industrial wheels for easy...

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Diamond Pads

Elica Diamond Pads  17″ 430mm The best solution for Concrete, Terrazzo and Natural stones. Application: A)...

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All Purpose Cutting Disc (SAIT)

All Purpose Cutting Disc suitable for Tile, Aluminum, PVC, & Metal. Available sizes: – 4.5″ x...

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The combination of legitimate professional mutual team effort of a group of guys from around the western/eastern world, came together, decided to show the world of stone production and maintenance how it is done.





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